Available courses

Course Image Conflict Resolution

​This course will review how to recognize and understand the different types and levels of conflict in the workplace. It will also cover the negative effects of conflicts, how to approach and resolve conflicts, and when to get help.

Course Image Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

This course will review the laws that protect employees from discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment. It will also cover examples of unacceptable and harassing behavior, as well as the steps for reporting harassment and harassment prevention.

Course Image Proper Lifting Techniques

This course will review proper lifting techniques to reduce chances of injury.

Course Image Professional Email Etiquette

This course will review professional email etiquette including proper greetings and direct subject lines. The course will also review what to include in the body of your email to foster effective communication and what to review in your email before you press send.

Course Image Cyber Security & Online Safety

This course will review the most common cyber threats, what to look for, and how to prevent them from harming your device, accounts, or network. The course will also review tips to help protect yourself when using mobile or regular devices and what to do if you believe you may have been a victim of a cyber-attack to protect your information and accounts.

Course Image Emergency Preparedness

This course will review what constitutes an emergency and the information that can be found on the Emergency Action Plan. This course will also review what steps you should take if you are witness to an emergency, including what information you will need on-hand to call emergency services.

Course Image Workplace Behavior

This course will review the standards for appropriate workplace behavior and how to foster peer to peer relationships. This course will also cover unacceptable behavior and the steps to prevent or report this behavior.